Hello World!

Hi everyone,

The idea behind this new blog is translate another blog from Spanish to English. When I first started the other blog I got the crazy idea to write a technology blog in my native language. What I didn’t realize is that everyone uses English (mostly in technologies matters) for this reason my blog doesn’t get the popularity I was expecting. I believe that I got a really good articles there and based on the fact that I’m actually living in New Zealand it would be a good idea translate some of those articles to this brand new blog. Any way I want to write new articles as well so don’t be scare it will be a good blog.

My idea, but you know how it works I can’t promise I will honor that idea, is to write at least four entries a month. I know is not too much but at least it will give me the opportunity to share some of the knowledge I acquired after more than ten years of working experience in IT companies.

Most of the work you are going to see in this blog will be related with Microsoft Technologies, most specifically C# but, I got some background of open source technologies so I will try to include post about that as well.

To wrap up this first entry I would like to say thank you to all of you that have read any of my entries. Be sure this encourage me to continue writing.
See ya!